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Spanish restaurant Botica takes over the former Watershed on Peachtree space

Chef Mimmo Alboumeh, fresh off his partnership at Red Pepper Taqueria, is reinventing the former Watershed on Peachtree space with the January 1 launch of Botica, a Spanish and Mexican restaurant.

The Year in Food: The most important things that happened in Atlanta’s restaurant scene in 2018

Looking beyond such fanfare as the opening of Tiny Lou’s and the rise of fast-casual everything, what else happened in the food world this year—and what does it say about Atlanta? We received a few snubs on the national stage, which might suggest that our dining scene is faltering. It could also be that we’re currently stewing on our most promising culinary ideas and talent.
Watershed on Peachtree

The new Watershed will offer a $350 French fry plate

Watershed on Peachtree's new chef and owner Matt Marcus is taking the restaurant in a different direction, with dishes like Georgia jellyfish, fried chicken and Cajun caviar, and a $350 plate of French fries served with a bottle of Krug Brut Rosé.
Zeb Stevenson out at Watershed

For chef Zeb Stevenson, a new vegetable-forward restaurant is taking shape

With Watershed sold to chef Matt Marcus last week, chef Zeb Stevenson and former Watershed owner Ross Jones are working on a brand new, vegetable-driven restaurant that Stevenson describes as “a little irreverent” and “free-spirited."
Hot Milk Cake

Eat this: Hot Milk Cake at Watershed on Peachtree

Zeb Stevenson says he has no intention of ever taking the dish—which he considers a defining one—off the menu. Good thing, because for something so simple, it sure is iconic, and a must for your Atlanta food bucket list.

Why you should use every part of the carrot, according to Watershed chef Zeb Stevenson

“Whenever we get [carrots],” says Watershed on Peachtree executive chef Zeb Stevenson, “we milk them for everything they’re worth.”
Zeb Stevenson Grilled Cheese

Watershed’s Zeb Stevenson shares the complex art of the simple grilled cheese

A grilled cheese is just three ingredients: cheese, bread, and butter. A good one is bread gone gold, with a subtle crunch and cheese that pulls apart at first bite. It should be savory and satisfying. Chefs seem to have forgotten this, and while surveying the city, we found only one chef who knew what he was doing, Zeb Stevenson at Watershed on Peachtree.

Hop to these 9 Atlanta restaurants for Easter brunch

Wondering where to make reservations? Check out these nine spots, from fancy to kid-friendly.
Best of Atlanta 2015

Mac and Cheese: Watershed

Thanks be to new Watershed chef Zeb Stevenson, who has kept one of his predecessor’s greatest triumphs on the menu.

If Watershed’s Zeb Stevenson were to start a food truck, what would he serve?

Watershed on Peachtree's Zeb Stevenson discusses cycling, bass guitar, and why he hates okra.

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