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What are you doing this weekend? December 20-22

It’s the last weekend before Christmas, which means you’re probably not reading this — you already know your weekend consists of sitting in traffic around Lenox Square and fighting off hordes of last-minute shoppers with a tube of glittery wrapping paper. If you must brave the mall, here are a few suggestions for ways to de-stress afterward.

What are you doing this weekend? December 6 – 8

Apparently ’tis the season of organized strolls—and runs. December’s arrival brings hot cocoa, festive light displays, and organized walks through other people’s homes. And given the crazy weather of the past week, it’s good to know that not all these events are outdoors.

What are you doing this weekend? November 30, December 1

This is it folks. Thanksgivingkuh is passed and the sugar plum fairies are fast upon us. As you enjoy the rest of the long weekend and before full holiday madness descends, here are a few ideas for getting out of the house, or, more importantly, getting those holiday guests off of your couch.

What are you doing this weekend? November 22 – 24

Thanksgiving is less than a week away. So you only have six days to complain about the holiday music on the radio and decorations in all the stores before you start sounding like you’re ninety and talking about walking uphill both ways to school in five feet of snow. Here are some festive (or not) things to do this weekend to ease you into the holiday season.

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