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From seafood fests to football, 7 great things to do this weekend

Cheers Atlanta—If you missed the barrage of festivals earlier this summer, you can catch up this weekend with at least two big fests—and enough music to satisfy just about every type of fan. Plus,...

From Monsterama to the Soap Box Derby, 7 great things to do this weekend

Just like the week before Christmas, we already know exactly where you’re going to be this weekend—at Target stocking up on anything that could be remotely classified as a school supply during the Georgia tax holiday. But just in case you need a break from the shop-a-thon, here are a few other events happening around town.

What are you doing this weekend? July 24-27

After a brief, record-breaking cool spell, it’s supposed to be good and hot again this weekend. Chill out with ample amounts of ice cream, kick back at a soccer game (yes people, there is soccer post World Cup), or amp up the heat by dancing the day away.

What are you doing this weekend? July 17-20

This weekend is all about the art of the throwback. Relive the ’70s with the Doobie Brothers, get your grade school on at Field Day, remember the Civil War at the Atlanta History Center, and unleash your inner child at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta. Perfectly content with the present? Don’t worry, there’s plenty of other stuff going on too.

What are you doing this weekend? July 10-13

Still recovering from the 4th? So are we. But if you can pull yourself from the couch this weekend, you’ll find a beloved Disney princess, a ton of street food, Civil War history, a panda party, and two very different types of goo. (We promise that’s not as gross as it sounds.) P.S.—don’t forget about the World Cup finals on Sunday at 3 p.m.

What are you doing this weekend? June 26-29

This weekend, presuming you aren’t plopped in front of a screen for marathon World Cup viewing, you can stroll along rows of art, get colorful with Katy Perry, brush up on your Civil War history, or party Canadian-style.

What are you doing this weekend? June 19-21

With the 90-degree temps we’ve had all this week, it’s easy to forget that technically, summer doesn’t start until Saturday. Toast the longest day of the year with beer, pinball, sand, and bedazzled leather jackets.

What are you doing this weekend June 12-15

Good news—if you forgot that Father’s Day was this Sunday, here’s your reminder! You’re welcome. Now allow us to give you a few event ideas and a few stylish gift suggestions. You’re welcome, again.

What are you doing this weekend? June 5-8

Cheers, Atlanta, we’ve made it halfway through the year, and we’re so close to the official start of summer we can taste it. This weekend offers up everything we love about summertime—sports, music, cars, butterflies, and lawyers with guitars. (Okay, that last one might not be as conventionally beloved.)

What are you doing this weekend? May 29-June 1

If you are a food fanatic, you are going to be really happy this weekend. If you are a Walking Dead addict, you are also going to be really happy this weekend. But fear not, casual lovers of either indulgence—you can enjoy this weekend’s fests no matter your level of devotion.

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