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Preview: Center for Civil and Human Rights

Nearly a decade ago, Evelyn Lowery, Juanita Abernathy, and Andrew Young met with then mayor Shirley Franklin to officially launch a project that civic leaders had been dreaming about for far longer. That vision comes to life this month as the Center for Civil and Human Rights opens its doors.

What are you doing this weekend? May 22-26

If you’re staying in town this Memorial Day weekend, you’ll find a lot more happening than just picnics and barbeques. Take in some jazz, travel back in time with Dr. Who, or even sip a beer with Mei Lun and Mei Huan. The possibilities are endless.

What are you doing this weekend? May 15-18

By now know that in the spring, these blog posts are chock full of festivals. And this one is no exception. But if you’re suffering from festival fatigue, this pre-holiday weekend has a lot of quirky activities, from dogs on a catwalk, to a quest for the greatest laugh, to ballerinas causing a ruckus.

What are you doing this weekend? May 8-11

Brunch is overrated*. Everyone knows festivals are the way to go to celebrate mom’s big day, and Atlanta is offering up a whole slew this weekend:

What are you doing this weekend? May 1-4

Atlantans should be breaking out the bourbon for two reasons this weekend: One, It’s finally not supposed to rain and two, the Kentucky Derby, of course. (See below for places to watch the race.) Enjoy the sunshine.

What are you doing this weekend? April 24-27

Atlanta sure does love its festivals, and this weekend is no exception, with celebrations of everything from classic neighborhoods to mountain music. Invest in sunscreen—this festive scene shows no signs of slowing.

What are you doing this weekend? April 17-20

You can literally have a “hoppy” holiday this Easter with Sweetwater’s annual beer shebang or celebrate the old fashioned way with one of the city’s many egg hunts. Plus, a charitable way to give back to the planet this weekend.

What are you doing this weekend? April 10-13

Sometimes a little tweak can transform your average weekend event into a completely unique experience. Like hunting for dinosaur eggs or artful masterpieces instead of Easter eggs, or performing a Shakespearean tale with ballet dancers twirling to Philip Glass. Sure, we love the classic version of these events, but the oddities pique our curiosity like no other.

What are you doing this weekend? April 3-6

If you really wanted to, you could wake up Saturday morning, slide headfirst down a giant inflatable slide, sip on (quite) a few beers, watch dogs defy gravity, and finish the night by donning tights and a cape and boozing it up super hero–style. But pure mortals should probably stick to participating in just a few of this weekend’s events.

What are you doing this weekend? March 27-30

It’s the quintessential rite of spring—more festivals than you could ever hope to attend. And this weekend has a whole slew of the outdoor jubilations, celebrating everything from bacon to bluegrass.

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