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Public Art and Community: What can we learn from the Krog Tunnel controversy?

Atlanta‚Äôs emerging public art scene is exciting‚ÄĒmurals and installations enliven our city and make it more engaging, and yes, they draw outsiders to parts of town that might otherwise be overlooked. But the controversy over the Krog Tunnel underscores the need to balance arts promotion and the concerns of communities that serve as the backdrops for street art.

From drug market to dog park: the rebirth of Renaissance Park

The wooded pocket park with a picturesque downtown skyline view has been transformed into District 2‚Äôs latest amenity, an off-leash dog park with designated areas for small and large dogs‚ÄĒthe first such facility in downtown Atlanta.

Building Boulevard

For decades we‚Äôve heard talk of the need to ‚Äúdo something‚ÄĚ about Boulevard, the blighted thoroughfare that runs through the Old Fourth Ward and the King historic district.

March 2013

I drive on Boulevard 
at least ten times a week. That comes out to something like 6,000 times in the thirteen years I’ve lived in Atlanta.

Five Ideas We’re Rooting For

The Atlanta Streetcar
Granted, the first streetcars to roll through Atlanta since 1949 will travel only a 2.6-mile route connecting one cluster of tourist attractions (the World of Coke and its Centennial Park neighbors) to another (the King historic district) via blighted stretches of Auburn and Edgewood avenues. But we’re still cheering for this first effort to reconnect sections of the city ripped apart by 1950s and 1960s highway construction and hoping that locals join tourists on the streetcar, slated to debut in the latter part of 2013.

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