Banshee East Atlanta Village
Bar managers Faielle Stocco (left) and Katie McDonald prepare a Stately Hag

Photograph by Iain Bagwell

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Something had long been missing in East Atlanta Village’s food scene, and that something is Banshee. The neighborhood’s most sophisticated restaurant is a tiny, highly original operation that transcends genre and remains in tune with its offbeat surroundings. The most impressive thing about the fairly brief menu is the staggering proportion of dishes unique to chef Nolan Wynn—an accomplishment that earned Wynn a Best New Chef award from us in December. Who before Wynn has served warm Native American fry bread with pepperoni butter and scallions as a form of exalted bread service? You’ll be further captivated by the moody vibe of the small dining room, swathed in peacock-blue wallpaper and subway tile and velvet drapes, and by cocktails such as the Stately Hag: a tart and herbaceous mix of reposado tequila, Cocchi Americano, Strega, lemon, and thyme. 1271 Glenwood Avenue, 470-428-2034,