1. Wrecking Bar Brewpub

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Photograph by Raymond McCrea Jones

In a city that has leveled so much of its history, what Bob and Kristine Sandage have done to renovate the century-old Kriegshaber mansion on Moreland, just south of Little Five Points, is nothing short of heroic. Even better? Brewmaster Neal Engleman makes fun beers (Belgians, stouts, weizenbocks, kölsches, etc.) on a seven-barrel system on-site—beer that is served in the cozy basement bar. Not a beer lover? The cocktail menu is innovative and whimsical.

Don’t miss Cheddarwurst corn pups, endless whiskey offerings, and Firkin Friday
What’s playing Arcade Fire
The scene First-daters, Inman Park families, beer snobs

292 Moreland Avenue

Designated Parking

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