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50 Best Bars in Atlanta

18. Trader Vic’s

This bar beneath the Hilton Hotel isn’t just an Atlanta gem—as one of only two remaining Trader Vic’s locations in the country, it’s a national treasure, too, especially among tiki purists.
50 Best Bars in Atlanta

23. Victory Sandwich Bar

Victory burst onto the scene in 2011 as a scrappy little sandwich spot with excellent sliders, an instant-hit ping-pong table, and a wicked sense of humor. Then there was the slushie machine; it didn’t take long before Ian Jones and Caleb Wheelus’ boozy frozen whiskey and Coke exploded in popularity, becoming an iconic Atlanta drink.
50 Best Bars: Bon Ton

28. Bon Ton

This is a bar with an energetic vibe that carries on into the wee hours—to that end, should you need a late-night pick-me-up, their frozen Vietnamese Irish coffee made with condensed milk will do the trick.
50 Best Bars: Bar Margot

29. Bar Margot

Bar Margot, an exquisite cocktail lounge inside the Four Seasons, feels just as timeless as the forebearers to whom it pays homage. But beyond the tufted leather chairs and top-shelf booze, you’ll find warm, approachable service, a sleekly modern atmosphere, and a little dash of whimsy here and there.
Best of Atlanta 2018: Watchman's

38. Watchman’s Seafood and Spirits

From the brilliant minds that earned Decatur’s Kimball House a James Beard nomination for its bar program, this airy spot in a corner of Krog Street Market evokes a more youthful but no less impressive vibe.
50 Best Bars in Atlanta

41. Empire State South

With ladders lining the back-bar and a handsome, library-like aesthetic, this stunning restaurant and bar feels a world apart from the corporate Midtown office building where it’s housed.
50 Best Bars in Atlanta

43. Paper Crane Lounge

This charming little lounge tucked in an alcove above the highly celebrated restaurant Staplehouse feels more like a Brooklyn living room than a bar in the classic sense.
50 Best Bars in Atlanta

44. Southern Comfort Restaurant and Lounge

This truckstop honky-tonk is the genuine article: It’s rowdy, cheap, and lovingly worn in, like a ragged old pair of acid-wash Levi’s.
50 Best Bars: Painted Pin

46. The Painted Pin

Buckhead got a lot more fun when the Painted Pin arrived in 2014, bringing with it 20 bowling lanes and traditional pub games.
50 Best Bars in Atlanta

47. Ink

Is it ridiculous to sit in a small, dark room and recite your whims to a bartender so that he can make you a custom, $16 cocktail? Of course it is, but it is also fabulous.

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