3. Brick Store Pub


Photograph courtesy of the Brick Store Pub

The Brick Store turned seventeen this year, which makes it the éminence grise of Decatur Square bars, and, like many of the Belgian beers it cellars, the place only gets better with age. The list of beers is thicker than a Cheesecake Factory menu, and local brewers know they’ve arrived when they land one of the thirty taps. If you can’t find a stool at the horseshoe bar downstairs, check out the Belgian bar upstairs. Not a TV in the place.

Don’t miss The pancake breakfast one Sunday every other May, which features enough rare stouts that you’ll be asleep by noon

What’s playing Nothing!

The scene Beards, off-the-clock Decatur lawyers, brew nerds

125 East Court Square, Decatur

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This article originally appeared in our August 2014 issue.