Atlanta becomes a punchline for SNL’s Weekend Update

Cast member Taran Killam plays stereotypical southerner Buford Calloway in the bit

In an attempt to mock our reaction to last week’s snow and ice event, NBC’s Saturday Night Live trotted out the Southern stereotypes en masse during the show’s Weekend Update news segment early Sunday morning. Playing Atlanta resident Buford Calloway, SNL cast member Taran Killam clutched a handkerchief and with an accent as sticky as sorghum, related his first-person tale of icy terror to Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers in his farewell SNL appearance. “I climbed into mah white Escalaaade, and I went to the safest place I could think of — the interstate,” recounted Buford. “And that, Sethery, is where mah nightmaaare truly began. My vehicle sliding hither and tither, higgledy-piggledy, until I ended up all cattywhumpus with nothing around me but other white Escalaaades.”

You can watch the entire three-minute clip here. Still, after you’ve dug out from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart‘s impressive snark storm Comedy Central dumped on us Thursday, SNL’s segment was a mere dusting of ridicule in search of easy laughs.