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After Dark

Atlanta, home to the busiest airport on Earth, Fortune 500 companies, and a foreign-born population that nears 800,000 people, likes to boast that it’s a world-class city. But is it a 24-hour city? Sure, we’re no Las Vegas, where slot machines never sleep, or New York City, where the trains run around the clock. But in the sprawling and diverse region we call home, we have created after-hours places to work and play, release tension, and celebrate with friends and strangers. Gone are the days of hotel ballrooms and big-hair Buckhead bars, so what does today’s nightlife look like? We talked to the people who work while you revel and recall Atlanta’s long history after dark. This entire issue is devoted to Atlanta after hours. The 24-hour city is out there. You just have to know where to look.

Edited by Thomas Wheatley


An Oral History of Magic City

Jermaine Dupri, Big Boi, Ryan Cameron, and more discuss the rise of the legendary strip club

An Oral History of Magic City: 1991

Queen of the Night

A next-generation drag queen models fall fashion at Mary's

Drag queen fashion: Video Tronic

Culture of Nightlife

10 best late-night restaurants in Atlanta: El Rey Del Tacos

10 Best Late-Night Restaurants in Atlanta

These aren't midnight snacks. These are midnight meals. The 10 best places to eat—in descending order of lateness.

10 best things to do after midnight in Atlanta: Painted Pin

10 Best Things to Do After Midnight in Atlanta

Karaoke, spas, movies, rollerskating, drag, strip clubs, bowling, gaming—the list goes on.

50 Best Bars: Bon Ton

50 Best Bars in Atlanta

There are something like 4.7 bazillion establishments in metro Atlanta that serve booze. If you think picking the top fifty and then ranking them seems like a fool's errand, you would not be alone.

Atlanta After Dark: Swingers Club

What really happens inside a swingers club?

You won’t see a massive orgy upon entering—though the front room does have an obligatory stripper pole.

Atlanta After Dark timeline: Limelight

Timeline: The long, risque history of Atlanta's nightlife

From the repeal of prohibition to the unveiling of Ponce City Market, we survey eight decades of change.

Atlanta After Dark: Himitsu

For us mere mortals: A glimpse into the world of Himitsu’s VIPs

The ultra-exclusive Buckhead speakeasy allowed us a glimpse into the world of its VIPs

Atlanta After Dark: How 10 Atlanta photo booths stack up

Move over, Instagram: How 10 Atlanta photo booths stack up

Photo booths have become a relic of the past. For those who still appreciate the analog, here’s a snapshot of what to expect at various booths around town.

Working the Night Shift