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Though life is hardly back to normal, our city is making a comeback. And if you’re like us, when you venture out, it’s astonishing how much Atlanta has evolved during the last year or so. If anything, changes seemed to have sped up with rush-hour traffic on temporary hiatus. There are entirely new buildings and entertainment districts to explore, young restaurants to try, innovative and inspiring art to see, and clever new twists on retail offerings. So, we’ve dedicated this year’s Best of Atlanta to helping you get back out! Here are all the new places you might not have discovered yet, plus a few established ones that seem to have special momentum right now. Think of this edition as a giant, fun to-do list. We’ll meet you there—even if sometimes we’re still wearing masks.

Illustrations and cover by Dave Towers






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Best of Atlanta 2021 features contributions from Heather Buckner, Carly Cooper, Richard L. Eldredge, Jennifer Bradley Franklin, Josh Green, Christiane LauterbachJennifer Rainey Marquez, Lia Picard, Betsy Riley, Kelundra Smith, Christine Van Dusen, Myrydd Wells, Kamille D. Whittaker, Sam Worley, and Jennifer Zyman

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