Growing Conditions

Georgia farms are fewer in number but rising in value and productivity while the state Agriculture Department aims to root them in resilience. Georgia exports are at record levels, and the world will come to Atlanta for eight soccer games in 2026.

Purpose Built

GaBiz Editor in Chief speaks with CEO of Gray Television Hilton Howell about the launch of Assembly Atlanta at the former GM plant site, how it is primed to drive jobs in the area, and the projected economic impact.

Jump-Starting Jobs

A training initiative is preparing the ground crew for Georgia’s electric vehicle future, while cleaner jet fuel, Atlanta’s airport, and the rearmed Georgia Air Guard are flying high.Expanding the Impact of EVsGoodwill of North...

Always in Style

GaBiz Editor in Chief talks about a massive expansion, economic growth potential in Athens, and raising the next generation of hospitality professionals with Classic Center President and CEO Paul Cramer.

Patently True

While Rivian and Hyundai’s partners push the EV economy and the Port of Savannah develops more connections, Fayette County grows beyond filmmaking and the U.S. government recognizes Atlanta as a hub of innovation.

Hospitality Suite

GaBiz Editor in Chief talks with Teri Agosta, GM of the new 40-story Signia by Hilton Atlanta, about how the city’s business-friendly environment and location as a hub for travel were key reasons why it was chosen for the brand’s expansion.

Batter Up

Big baseball and soccer games are coming to metro Atlanta, the auto industry keeps accelerating, and businesses invest in developing the collective workforce and leadership both now and in the future. 

Waste Not

GaBiz Editor in Chief chats with Retaaza founder and CEO Kashi Sehgal about the opportunities and challenges of reducing food waste and food insecurity in Georgia.

Chef’s Kiss

Michelin embraces Atlanta dining while Hyundai whets appetites at its EV complex.

Business Builder

GaBiz Editor in Chief speaks with Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs President and CEO Jay Bailey about the organization’s strategies for—and successes in—building Black-led businesses.

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