Campus Ambassador: Corey Boone, Georgia Institute of Technology

Senior, business administration from Albany
What’s to love about Georgia Tech?
I love Georgia Tech’s balance of work and play. When we need a break from studying or working, there is always something to do.

What could be better?
Honestly, no college can compare. If I were forced to name one place that’s better than Tech, I’d probably say Hogwarts. We’re huge Harry Potter fans at Tech!

What’s the best on-campus housing?
By far it is Montag, a freshman dorm with a fantastic, tight-knit community.

What’s the best class?
While most would probably rank thermodynamics as the best, I think that the absolute most impactful is Semester in the City. It’s a service-learning course that provides an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the surrounding community.

How would you rate interactin with professors?
You have to assert yourself in order to be noticed by professors. When you were in high school, it was probably easy to get noticed, but at Tech you’re competing against the best and the brightest.

How does your school rate as a party school?
There is a party every weekend (except for finals week). Organizations are always hosting campus-wide festivals or parties.

What’s the stereotype of the student body? True or false?
Georgia Tech students are known as nerds. I can’t say that the stereotype is unwarranted. We’re the cool nerds!