8 Fahrenheit brings Thai “rolled” ice cream to Atlanta

The perfect curls are Instagram-worthy—and delicious
Thai ice cream
Every ice cream flavor, including these Oreo and chocolate rolls, comes with up to three toppings.

Photograph by Andrew Thomas Lee

Buford Highway’s 8 Fahrenheit is reshaping how we eat ice cream—literally. Forget scoops and cones; think Instagram-perfect frozen curls. Here’s how it’s made: Workers pour a creamy base onto a metal plate chilled down to a frosty -8 degrees, then use a spatula to squish and spread, sometimes mixing in toppings like graham crackers or bananas. In about two minutes, the ice cream is scraped into a roll and garnished with more toppings (ask for marshmallows). “Rolled” ice cream was initially popularized by street vendors in Thailand, and 8 Fahrenheit, which opened in March, is the first to bring the trend to Atlanta. Flavors range from a tart Life of Pie key lime to a rich, brownie-laced Black Humor. 5090 Buford Highway, 678-585-3818; $6 for a six-roll cup

This article originally appeared in our July 2016 issue.