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Sweet treat: You can build your own pies at this Roswell shop

The hot dessert pies at Doodle Pies come with fillings like peach, blueberry, brownie, and strawberry (or try a half-half, such as apple-cherry). Customers then choose add-ins like nuts, marshmallows, coconut flakes, and chocolate chips, and toppings such as vanilla ice cream, cookie crumbles, toffee, and sprinkles.
Ghoul Next Door Bakeshop Atlanta

Ghoul Next Door Bakeshop serves spooky cookies year-round

Ana Arriaga decided to give her online bakery a ghoulish theme, but Ghoul Next Door offers its treats year-round and sells cookies and custom cakes online and at pop-ups at breweries, coffee shops, and markets around the city.
Try 100+ cereals at Day & Night Cereal Bar

Sugar craze: Try more than 100 cereals at Day & Night Cereal Bar

Ever wanted to mix Froot Loops, Lucky Charms, and and Frosted Flakes? Or add them to a milkshake? A new cereal bar, coming to Atlantic Station, could make childhood dreams come true, offering more than 100 cereal options, including some from Canada and overseas.
Essential Atlanta pastries

The essential elements of Atlanta pastry

Creamy, flaky, fancy, red, green, vegan, Brazilian—whatever kind of treat you’re looking for, here’s where to find it.
Cake Culture crepe cake

Cake Culture brings 20-layer crepe cakes to Ponce City Market

Made from mille crepes in flavors like strawberry, matcha green tea, and signature classic (with almond and cherry notes), Cake Culture’s delicate pastries combine baking techniques from Japan, Singapore, and South Korea, with ingredients from around the world.
13 Must-try doughnut shops in Atlanta

13 Must-try doughnut shops in metro Atlanta

Looking for great doughnut shops in metro Atlanta? Whether you’re craving a classic doughnut with a simple glaze or artisanal treats fit for Instagram, these Atlanta shops know their way around fried dough. Here are 13 to try.
Osono Bread doughnuts Atlanta

Osono Bread’s doughnuts are worth the wait

Sold Sundays at the Grant Park Farmers Market, Osono Bread's doughnuts come in flavors like horchata, strawberry, and lemon curd.

Claudia Martinez embraces Southern ingredients on Miller Union’s new dessert menu

After leaving Tiny Lou's in December, Claudia Martinez is swapping French flair for Southern flavors at Miller Union—and she plans to continue her Café Claudia pop-ups.

6 places to find hot chocolate bombs in Atlanta

Hot chocolate bombs are cute, colorful, and delicious—and there are plenty of folks making them here in Atlanta. Here's where to shop local.

Bright pink ruby chocolate is hitting Atlanta’s dessert menus

Heralded by Belgian chocolate manufacturer Callebaut as the world’s fourth chocolate, the rose-colored confection has a strong chance of becoming the next viral ingredient filling Instagram feeds. It's already on Atlanta dessert menus.

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