Would you buy beef from the back of a trailer? You should if it’s from Carlton Farms.

The cows spend their entire lives on organic pastures in Rockmart, Georgia
Carlton Farms cows
Photograph courtesy of Carlton Farms

Under most circumstances, we wouldn’t buy meat from the back of a trailer. Carlton Farms ground beef is one exception. Carlton’s cattle spend their entire lives on organically managed pastures in Rockmart, about 30 miles west of Kennesaw, and never end up on a feedlot for “grain finishing.” As a result, the beef is lean, flavorful, and loaded with omega-3s. The farm—whose offerings also include pasture-raised eggs, pork, lamb, and poultry—only sells directly to customers. Plus its Mobile Market Trailer makes weekly stops at several points between Cumming and Stone Mountain. Order online—ground beef is $7 a pound—and find a specified pickup location, or just meet at the trailer and see what’s for sale.

This article originally appeared in our August 2016 issue.