Chef Justin Dixon departs Wonderkid to focus on his Humble Mumble pop-up

Expect sandwiches and “Atlanta cuisine” at the upcoming lunch and dinner pop-ups

Chef Justin Dixon

Courtesy of Humble Mumble

Wonderkid’s opening chef Justin Dixon is leaving the restaurant to focus on his Humble Mumble pop-up. He’ll start serving his sandwiches for lunch and “Atlanta cuisine” for dinner at a variety of locations around the city next month. Named for his favorite OutKast song, Humble Mumble is an opportunity for Dixon to share his favorite dishes and learnings from the variety of restaurants he’s worked in—including Wonderkid, the Spence, the Shed at Glenwood, Local Three, Bully Boy, and Shaun’s. It also provides a creative outlet while allowing him space to decompress from the busy restaurant world.

“The last couple of years have been stressful, and I’m on the borderline of burnout. If I’m going to work as hard as I have been, I’d rather do it for myself,” he says. “Our sandwiches at Wonderkid proved very popular, especially during Covid, and I’ve always wanted to open a sandwich shop.”

For Humble Mumble, he’ll be smoking, roasting, and cooking meat in-house, making his own pickles and sauces, and sourcing local vegetables and breads. Wonderkid crowd favorites like the meatloaf melt and the chicken salad sandwich will likely make the menu, along with a lamb sandwich called the Big Old Greek and a fall vegetable one called Sasquatch. Salad, chili, chips, and cakes will be available, too.

Bitter greens salad with pickles baby carrots, roasted butternut squash, burrata, and truffle honey
The Senator From Vermont sandwich features maple smoked ham, Vermont cheddar, pickled onion, apple, and maple mustard.

Dinner items will nod to his soul food roots with family-style oxtail ravioli, fried chicken, and curly corn (fried corn on the cob tossed in miso butter, bacon fat, and scallions). The Spence’s baby kale Caesar salad, the Shed’s spicy crab spaghetti, and Wonderkid’s Buford Highway-style wings may be featured.

“In my family, we focused on sharing. We never had a plated dish,” he says.

Dixon also hopes to host monthly pop-ups on Sundays at Woodward & Park with seated family-style soul food dinners including the likes of smothered pork chops, collard greens, mac and cheese, sweet potato pie, and peach cobbler. These “First Sunday” meals are inspired by a popular Juneteenth event Dixon led at Wonderkid with similar dishes.

Crispy chicken wings in fried chili oil with peanuts and lime
Spicy crab spaghetti with poached egg, preserved lemon, parmesan, mint, and basil

See below for Dixon’s upcoming pop-ups or follow him on Instagram @humblemumbleatl for the latest information.


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