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Bastone to host Siciliano’s sandwich pop-up beginning June 9

If all goes well, Siciliano’s will be held monthly and eventually open as a brick and mortar elsewhere in the city. “We are definitely looking to do a sandwich shop in the future. We’re always looking at spaces,” Pascarella says. “We feel the Italian deli scene doesn’t exist yet in ATL, so we're just always trying to do our part.”
Long Snake Wine Bar

Long Snake wine bar, from 8Arm’s former beverage director, searches for its permanent home

Joshua Fryer is passionate about food and wine. Although most Atlantans know him as a front-of-house guy—he served as general manager and beverage director at 8Arm—Fryer graduated from culinary school and worked in kitchens prior to finding a home behind the bar. By founding Long Snake wine bar, Fryer is revisiting his original passion, serving a tight menu (primarily small plates) and Lo-Fi wines, with vinyl playing in the background.
Our (frequently updating) guide to Atlanta’s very best pop-ups, food trucks, and more

Our (frequently updating) guide to Atlanta’s very best pop-ups, food trucks, and more

Some of the most exciting food in Atlanta today is served out of borrowed kitchens, at farmers markets, and from food trucks. Here’s some of our recent faves, and where to find them. 
Atlanta's Filipino food boom

Atlanta’s Filipino food boom

These days, it’s not uncommon to see waves of interest in food from historically underappreciated communities—but it’s also not uncommon to see those waves come and go quickly, the cuisine treated as a temporary fad rather than a durable part of the culinary landscape. Atlanta’s not just having a moment with Filipino food, though; it’s undergoing an awakening.
Stolen Goods

Pop-up collective Stolen Goods counts some of Atlanta’s finest young chefs of color among its ranks

In November 2019, I attended my first Stolen Goods pop-up dinner, led by chef Maximilian Hines at the Old Fourth Ward restaurant A Mano. The meal—called Traptoria, Vol. 2—was advertised as a tribute to the carryout foods Hines grew up eating at mom-and-pop Italian restaurants in the Washington, D.C., area, but with a “Dirty South twist.” From a menu sprinkled with references to legendary musical acts, I ordered the Prince Scampi (Royal Red head-on shrimp in garlic and chili sauce, served with white bread), the fancied-up Cup-o-Ramone chicken noodles, and a rapturous Little Debbie tiramisu. It all lived up to the description Hines wrote to promote the event: “Basically if an Italian immigrant moved here and opened an Olive Garden in Bankhead.”
So So Fed

Review: Lao pop-up So So Fed brings the funk

Though the menu changes weekly, Molli Voraotsady maintains a fidelity to the foods of her childhood; outside of sourcing produce from the Grant Park Farmers Market when she can, she hasn’t felt the need to mess around with tradition.
Mighty Hans Brunch

Sunday mornings with Mighty Hans

During the pandemic, Fu-Mao Sun launched a pop-up called Mighty Hans that specializes in Taiwanese American fare; his brunches, featuring some of the dishes you see here, gained him scores of fans.
Among Atlanta's abundance of holiday bars, we found a hidden, old-school holiday speakeasy

We found a hidden holiday speakeasy among Atlanta’s abundance of festive pop-up bars

Secret Santa ATL (also known as “Loose Lips”), a speakeasy hidden in a warehouse deep within Pullman Yards in Kirkwood. The brainchild of beverage director Marian Chism, the concept started as an off-handed comment she made to property owner Adam Rosenfelt. “I jokingly said, ‘You know, I could throw a speakeasy up in the tunnels and people would come.’”
What to know before you visit Harry Potter: the Exhibition in Atlanta

7 things to know before you visit Harry Potter: the Exhibition in Atlanta

Part museum, part "immersive" experience, Harry Potter: the Exhibition features several props and costumes from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films, reproductions of iconic set pieces (think the door to the Chamber of Secrets or Harry's cupboard under the stairs), and interactive elements throughout. Here's what to know before you go.
Eric Mack

How Eric Mack transformed his East Lake yard into one of Atlanta’s best pop-up plant shops

The Kai Garden doesn’t have a retail storefront, an ecommerce site, or even regular business hours. Yet the grounds of Eric Mack’s East Lake residence are home to a sprawling one-man nursery and pop-up shop with one of the city’s best selections of rare and unusual plants.

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