David Chang’s Fuku fried chicken launches in Atlanta

Get spicy chicken sandos, chicken fingers, and waffle fries delivered to your door

Fuku fried chicken sandos

Courtesy of Fuku

David Chang of Momofuku fame is bringing his take on fried chicken to the South. Tonight at 6 p.m., Fuku Neighborhood Kitchens will begin serving chicken fingers, waffle fries, and spicy chicken sandwiches (dubbed sandos) for delivery in Atlanta. What started as a secret menu item at Momofuku Noodle Bar in Manhattan is now a full-fledged ghost kitchen concept with nearly 50 locations around the country.

Centered on its spicy fried chicken sando made with thigh meat, Fuku boasts Asian and American influences. “Our sando is one of the largest in the market,” says Fuku CEO Alex Munoz-Suarez. “It’s a riff on things we love at Momofuku: the balance of sweet and spicy. Our fries are seasoned with sweet jalapeno seasoning. Our chicken fingers are dressed and seasoned with salt and pepper but come with a variety of sauces that are Momofuku-driven flavors [like] sweet-and-spicy sauce, and tangy buttermilk ranch.”

When asked how he thinks Fuku will compare with Atlanta-based spots like Chick-fil-A and Chicken Out, Munoz-Suarez says, “Fuku is the gateway to everything Dave [Chang] represents. We are the In-N-Out Burger of chicken—simple menu, delicious comfort food. It’s a spicier, saucier, crunchier sandwich than Chick-fil-A.”

Sweet + Spicy Fuku Fingers

Courtesy of Fuku

Based in Poncey-Highland, Fuku Atlanta will offer free delivery via Uber Eats through September 15. Ordering is also available through DoorDash, Grubhub, and Postmates.

“Working from home is something we feel is here to stay,” Munoz-Suarez says. “We want to be close to where people are, and this allows them to order food to their home or office.”

Fuku not available in your area yet? Worry not, additional Fuku ghost kitchens are planned for the coming months.