The Dish Dive team is opening Dive Market and Emergency Kitchen

Jeff Myers and Travis Carroll have another project in the works
Jeff Myers and chef Travis Carroll

Photograph courtesy of Jeff Myers.

Jeff Myers, the man who co-founded the Ponce hotspot Top Flr in 2007, the Sound Table on Edgewood Avenue in 2010, and Dish Dive in Kirkwood in 2014, says he is a dreamer, not a chef. Along with Travis Carroll, who is currently executive chef at Dish Dive, Myers is launching a yet another new endeavor: Dive Market and Emergency Kitchen, a convenience store with a kitchen. Myers says the shop, located in Reynoldstown, will feel like a cross between Star Provisions and Little’s Food Store. 

“My goal [is to sell] chef-prepared food that people can take home and cook,” Myers said over the phone. Carroll will craft meals based on what he gets at the market daily, similar to what he does for Dish Dive, but at Dive Market, customers will be able to take meals such as a pork belly or a grain bowl home to cook and pass off as their own.

“It’s almost comparable to Blue Apron in some regards, where the food has some chef magic on it,” Myers says. “Instead of people going out and spending [a ton of money at restaurants] every night, they can come in here and have chef-prepared food to take home and cook in their own house. That’s the goal.”

Myers says Dive Market will be a vault of food that includes local produce, along with less expensive convenience choices such as paper goods and dog food. He also plans to carry breads from various bakeries, local and conventional produce, beef from local purveyors, fresh pastas, cheeses, juices, and bulk items. Myers likens it to “a chef’s pantry with all the essential ingredients and, maybe, their secret weapons.”

The location is also meaningful to Myers. “I’ve been in love with Memorial Drive for 15 years. [I thought it] was gonna be the last goldmine it Atlanta,” he says of sourcing the spot. “All the properties [along Memorial] are being built up and [turned into mixed-use developments], so everything’s kind of skyrocketing fast. Reynoldstown is blowing up.”

Myers plans on being open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and says they are about five weeks out from opening. If you want to keep up with their progress, you can follow along on their Instagram.