Guy Wong debuts his ramen burger Wednesday

It’ll be available at Miso Izakaya’s bar
Miso's ramen burger

Guy Wong, chef and owner of Miso Izakaya and Yum Bunz, will begin selling his take on the ramen burger at Miso’s bar Wednesday evening. (He originally planned to launch the burger Tuesday.) Twenty ramen burgers will be up for grabs—and only at the bar—Tuesdays through Saturdays, with orders being taken at 9:30 p.m.

“Am I ripping on Holeman & Finch? Yes!” Wong says. “It is a good restaurant and they did something that works.

“My friend, ramen blogger Keizo Shimamoto, pioneered the ramen burger. He created a fun, new, original format for ramen. I love ramen. Miso’s ramen burger is homage to that.”

The burger features a ramen noodle bun and a patty topped with lettuce, tomato, “special sauce,” pickles, seaweed seasoning, and sesame seeds. It will be served with fries and cost $12. Wong says it is designed for pairing with Miso’s new Wasabi-Honey Egg Cream milkshake, which is also available for purchase without the burger.

Though Wong is also working on two new restaurant concepts, Ton Ton Ramen & Yakitori and Big Boss Chinese, he slips in that he has another “secret” project in the works, this one in Buckhead. The focus of that restaurant will be Southeast Asian.