Three Peaches brings dairy-free gelato and superfood lattes to Piedmont Park

The shop, which has a counter at Sweet Auburn's Municipal Market, plans a July opening on Monroe Drive

Three Peaches offers a variety of non-dairy beverages.

Courtesy of Three Peaches

For nearly 10 years, the corner of Monroe Drive near 10th Street has been home to shops selling frozen treats. Yoforia came first, offering self-serve frozen yogurt. When that closed, Where’s the Scoop? moved in, pouring bubble tea and rolled ice cream. Shortly thereafter, Highland Dreamery took over touting complex frozen creations.

“I’ve been watching the space for years,” says Three Peaches Gelato founder Kendra Bauser, who is opening her dairy-free coffee and gelato shop there this summer. “It’s a fantastic location right on the BeltLine, and we’re renovating it to make it feel fun and beachy.”

Bauser started Three Peaches in 2018 after training at a health-focused gelateria in Sicily. She opened a small counter at the Municipal Market on Edgewood Avenue in 2020, where she sells pre-packaged dairy free and vegan gelato, as well as superfood lattes and vegan baked goods. Her goal is to expand at the Piedmont Park location, scooping gelato to order and offering additional dairy-free goodies.

Watermelon mint gelato

Courtesy of Three Peaches


Courtesy of Three Peaches

Gelato flavors include peaches and cream, molasses pecan, watermelon mint, brownie chunk, caramel truffle, and lemon basil sorbet. Many contain pea protein to help lower the glycemic index. Vegan frappes and shakes, as well as specials like a Mushroom Mocha with reishi, lion’s mane, and changa, will be available too. “When my kids were younger, I’d want to bring them to a place [where the treats] are not chalk full of sugar and don’t make you feel bad after, but is still fun,” Bauser says. For adults, Java Vino-based coffee drinks will provide a caffeinated boost.

“I put a lot of effort into making [the space] smell good and look nice,” Bauser says. “People come back for the experience.” She plans to add lighting, signage, awnings, and a boardwalk leading to the BeltLine. There will be tables and chairs out back, shiplap on the walls, and plenty to greenery. The floor will be designed with a metallic epoxy that makes it look like the ocean.

Upbeat music will play, inviting students and families to stay a while.

Vegan caramel frappe

Courtesy of Three Peaches