How do you spot a true wine lover? By how they hold their glass

How to tell the oenophiles from the casual drinkers

Prefers slinging back a cold one to sipping a glass of vino. Doesn’t care that his Pinot Grigio is growing warmer by the minute thanks to his hand on the bulb.

0415_foodloversguide_winecasual_jschievink_oneuseonlyCasual drinker
Knows what he likes (Cabs, Pinots, and Chardonnay), and happy to stick with them. Up for a winery tour, but only if someone else is driving.

0415_foodloversguide_wineconnoisseur_jschievink_oneuseonlyBudding connoisseur
Owns a wine fridge and too-fragile-for-the-dishwasher stemware. Once asked if anyone else detected “notes of gently roasted tangerines” in a late-harvest Riesling.

0415_foodloversguide_winebonvivant_jschievink_oneuseonlyBon vivant
Frequently throws around words like extraction and carbonic maceration. Buys esoteric wines by the case. Doesn’t ask questions about the wine list—he knows more than the waiter.

Illustrations by Jochen Schievink

This article originally appeared in our April 2015 issue.