12. Mark Becker

Illustration by Alex Fine
Illustration by Alex Fine

Focus Education
Age 55
Since Becker took over as president of Georgia State University in 2009, the graduation rate has risen by 10 percent and the school has set records for enrollment and total number of graduates. He added football to the school’s athletics program in 2010 and successfully moved into the NCAA’s Division I in 2013. GSU’s campus also has continued the growth charted by Becker’s predecessor, Carl Patton, adding housing, dining, and academic facilities.

Radio waves Becker attracted local ire when GSU struck a deal to hand over beloved WRAS-FM/Album 88 to Georgia Public Broadcasting, diminishing student programming. Intowners also are watching to see what role GSU might play in transforming Turner Field once the Braves leave.

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This article originally appeared in our October 2015 issue.