The Walking Dead Awards: Your way is not the only way

Season 10, Episode 10: Time to die

The Walking Dead 10 10
Daryl and Alpha face off

Photograph by Jace Downs/AMC

(Spoilers ahead)

Each week, we comb through the guts of The Walking Dead, much like a horde of hungry walkers, to bring you the episode’s best moments, surprises, and other post-apocalyptic curiosities. This week: Beta creeps, Lydia sneaks, and Daryl’s blood leaks.

Season 10, Episode 10: “Stalker”

Most-used vehicle: For those keeping track, that’s the third distinct RV we’ve seen in this show.

Big prediction: Gabriel’s uncharacteristic bloodlust for the Whisperers is going to end up getting Rosita or Coco killed. Or himself.

Most unrealistic: Both the good guys (Daryl, Mary) and the bad guys (Alpha, Beta) had their respective enemy in the crosshairs multiple times during this episode and yet every single character hesitated attacking for way, way too long. If your life was in danger, wouldn’t you try harder to take down your attacker?

Most realistically depressing: “You met the wrong person first,” Judith notes to Mary as she sits in the jail cell. After watching folks on this show follow the Governor, Negan, and now Alpha, it is so easy and honestly so tragic to watch good people join awful followings as a way to survive.

On second thought: Rick got a lot of people killed, so it’s kind of a pick-your-poison situation.

Best horror callback: We absolutely loved Beta’s invasion of Alexandria. The whole thing, from the way it was shot to how it went down, was reminiscent of Halloween or Friday the 13th. Here’s hoping to more unstoppable, slow-moving, powerful Beta stalking.

Best sci-fi callback: Did anyone else get Blade Runner Tears in Rain vibes from Alpha’s monologue just before Lydia appears?

Most in need of subtitles: Alpha’s accent is already difficult to understand. Add near-fatal injuries into the mix and we barely have any idea of what she’s saying.

Headcannon: Lydia has been in the trees watching Daryl from just out of sight this entire time.

Biggest question: We find out that at one point, Dante dug the tunnel into Alexandria that Beta uses during his infiltration. How exactly did no one notice this? Was this a Great Escape or Shawshank Redemption-style operation?

Second biggest question: We wonder if Morgan Street is a prenamed road from the original Alexandria community or if it was named for TWD’s Morgan. If the latter, is there a Grimes Avenue?

Best line: “I’ve spoken to God, and he told me to hang you.” —Gabriel to Mary

Most disturbing image: Beta’s invasion of Alexandria. It’s nice to a see a suspenseful moment in The Walking Dead that doesn’t rely on an absurd amount of walkers or the main hero-vs-main villain one-on-one action scene. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen suspense in the mix. The whole thing was unsettling, making us worry what was next as Beta slipped around setting the stage for something big, catching our heroes completely off guard.

Best kill: After everything we’ve gone through with Alpha, it was nice to see her dreams of Lydia taking up the family mantle get crushed.

Episode MVP: Lydia, for standing up to Alpha and finding her own way. (And for saving Daryl, thus preventing that ever-promised fan riot.)