The Walking Dead Haiku Recap: Season 4, Episode 7: Dead Weight

In which we learn the dangers of golfing with the Governor.

Editor’s Note: Don’t get us wrong, we are as obsessive as any TWD fans. But let others pontificate at length. In our view, the show’s narrative conflict is so essential—living vs. undead, civility vs. anarchy, prey vs. predator—that it demands to be distilled in the purest form possible. What better serves that purpose than haiku?

Season 4, Episode 7: Dead Weight

At the RV camp
The Governor and the girls
Settle in, make friends.

Martinez in charge?
The Governor’s old sidekick
now calling the shots.

Hey, that guy from Fringe
is in Martinez posse.
Now his name is Mitch.

Tara: “Alicia,
I am not into big guns.”
Lesbian subtext?

Is this the cool camp?
Booze and beer and cigarettes.
But dysfunction lurks.

Golf outing gone bad.
Martinez in zombie pit.
Bad Governor’s back.

Chaos in the camp.
Power struggle, high tension.
There’s no easy out.

To end power play,
Governor kills his rivals
Makes Mitch his new bitch.

What about Rick’s crew?
Enough with this long B plot.
The flashback’s over.

The prison’s in sight.
Governor scopes out old foes.
Ready for showdown.