Want to spend Friday night playing with a shelter dog? You can have one delivered.

A collaboration between Atlanta's LifeLine Animal Project and food delivery service Zifty lets you book a dog for an hour of playtime—or even the entire weekend

Zifty LifeLine Animal Project #LoveDelivered adoption event
Want a dog brought to your door? We have good news.

Photograph courtesy of LifeLine Animal Project

What are you doing this Friday night? Running errands? Heading out to the bar with your friends? Staying in to binge watch every single old movie on your brand new Disney+ subscription? (Mary Poppins! The Rescuers! The Love Bug!)

If you want a buddy for that movie marathon, you might want to save some room from 6-8 p.m., because LifeLine Animal Project—the organization that runs the Fulton and DeKalb County Animal Services—has teamed up with food delivery service Zifty for #LoveDelivered, where people book a one-hour playtime session with an adoptable dog from an Atlanta shelter. The pooch will be delivered to your door alongside a LifeLine volunteer. You can play with the dog for an hour, and then, if you just can’t bear to see them go, you can opt to have the dog stay with you until Sunday evening. LifeLine will provide a crate, food and treats, toys, and a leash. (This is part of LifeLine’s year-round Weekend Warriors program, which allows you to foster a dog that’s been stuck in the shelter for more than three months for a weekend.) And, of course, you can choose to adopt the dog if you find they’re the perfect match.

“The partnership came about when LifeLine chief communications officer Heather Friedman was talking to the CEO of Zifty at their kids’ soccer game and asked if they’d be interested in doing something like this,” says LifeLine public relations director Karen Hirsch, “and they didn’t hesitate to say yes! We expect to have more deliveries of love in the near future, and [we] are so grateful to Zifty for their love of shelter pets.”

There are 15 dogs up for booking, and the $25 fee goes directly to LifeLine. A few have already been booked, so if you want to meet cuties like Wiggles (“friendly and cuddly,” according to his description), Dumbo (“a love bug who enjoys snuggling”), Snax (“loves to play”), and Mina (“a sweetie pie who just wants to jump in your lap and give you kisses”), best to act quickly.

“We are always thinking of creative ways to market our shelter dogs and reach new audiences,” Hirsch says. “We’ve placed our shelter pups on dating apps, dogs can be checked out for the day as part of our Dog for a Day program, and people can host dogs in their homes over the week of Thanksgiving as part of our Home for the Pawlidays program.” The latter event invites people to foster one of 60 available dogs—with supplies provided by LifeLine—for seven days from November 22-29.

You can book a #LoveDelivered dog here.