Big Boi’s dog shampoo will leave your pup so fresh and so clean, clean

We tested his favorite blend to see how well it worked
Big Boi dog shampoo
Big Boi and Bobbi Panter

Photograph by Zach Wolfe

Most Atlantans know Antwan Patton (stage name: Big Boi) as half of the beloved hip-hop duo Outkast. But lately the rapper—and bulldog enthusiast—has teamed up with Chicago-based pet grooming guru Bobbi Panter on a line of natural dog shampoos.

They make an odd pair—Big Boi with his sturdy bullies and the QVC veteran Panter with her beribboned shih tzus. But Panter says they quickly bonded over a love of four-legged companions. “We had instant chemistry,” she says.

Of the 11 different formulas, I chose “Scrumptious” (Big Boi’s fave) to test on my Shiba Inu mix, Bleecker. The shimmery shampoo produces a rich lather, and after toweling him off, Bleecker’s short fur was softer, thanks to the chamomile and lavender oil. Plus, sweet vanilla and buttercream scents left him smelling like a fresh-from-the-oven cookie.

This article originally appeared in our January 2017 issue.