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Atlanta’s Best New Restaurants of 2022

As part of our list of the 75 Best Restaurants in Atlanta, we also picked out the 11 Best New Restaurants of 2022. Here, you'll find everything from Vietnamese hot fried chicken to tender lamb birria to Edomae-style sushi to quinoa-based "brekkie bowls."

Atlanta’s Best New Restaurants 2021

The last time we published a best-restaurants issue was approximately three millennia ago, in June 2019. So we’re highlighting the best places that have opened recently, but we also wanted to spotlight some places that aren’t necessarily new but are worth honoring: places that take up a little room in our hearts, for some reason, for any reason at all.
Atlanta restaurants became a source of community during the pandemic

During the pandemic, Atlanta restaurants weren’t a treat—they were a lifeline

The pandemic throttled local restaurants. At the same time, it revealed how much we rely on them, for reasons far beyond sit-down dining.

Best New Restaurants: Umi

Buckhead’s newest sushi palace flaunts a stunning room of contrasting woods and a corps of cooks manning the eleven-seat, white-oak sushi bar.

Best New Restaurants: KR SteakBar

For his first new restaurant in six years, Kevin Rathbun returns to Buckhead, where he started his Atlanta career as executive chef of Nava in 1994.

Best New Restaurants: King and Duke

“I feel like I just walked into a restaurant time machine and leaped three decades ahead,” said a native Atlantan friend.

Best New Restaurants: Gio’s Chicken Amalfitano

Giovanni Di Palma takes the same moxie that made his Antico Pizza Napoletana (located right next door) an Atlanta phenomenon and applies it to poultry.

Best New Restaurants: Chai Pani

Even though Watershed moved to Buckhead more than a year ago, I doubt I’m the only one who had trouble picturing another restaurant in its original Decatur location.

Best New Restaurants: Campania

Neapolitan-style pizza went from buzzy to ubiquitous in Atlanta proper over the last several years.

Best New Restaurants: BoccaLupo

In 2008 La Pietra Cucina opened and introduced Atlanta to the glories of Bruce Logue’s pastas.

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