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Three ways to spend spring break on Florida's Gulf Coast

Three ways to spend spring break on Florida’s Gulf Coast

Florida's Gulf Coast offers easy escapes, whether you're craving lush resorts, preseason baseball, or natural retreats.
Crystal River manatees

A walk on Florida’s wild side (as told through a series of animal encounters)

Want to experience the Florida's natural side? Here, we find manatees (and mermaids), orchids and alligators, weird deer, butterflies, and chickens.
A guide to Atlanta Braves spring training

A guide to visiting Atlanta Braves spring training in Sarasota County

Fans flock to Sarasota County, where they can get close to their team, and their companions can find plenty of other distractions.
A 30A escape for grown-ups

Want a 30A escape for grown-ups? It’s all in the timing.

Families flock to the Panhandle’s scenic highway during school breaks. But adults can chill here in the spring, too—it’s all in the timing.
A love letter to the Flora-Bama

A love letter to the Flora-Bama

The first time that I was lured to the Flora-Bama Lounge, I had been casting for speckled trout on a guided fishing trip off the coast of Orange Beach, Alabama. This was a fall evening in the ’90s. Gulls spread rumors overhead. The sun was going to orange. From a distant point came music, pounding yet lighthearted, like a cross between Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Buffett. It sounded like dirty dancing. It sounded like a good time.

Year of the Manatee: Swimming with gentle giants in Crystal River, Florida

 As the boat meanders through the bay, my guide and captain debate locations to check for manatees. They rattle off familiar ones we might run into, named and remembered by the map of scars...

Where to eat, shop, and dance in Calle Ocho, Little Havana, Miami

Just a quick drive across the bridge from Miami Beach, the neighborhood of Little Havana feels a world away from sports cars and high fashion but still possesses the lively, colorful atmosphere emblematic of the city—and of Cuba

A Perfect Day in Orlando

Mexican-born Joseph Creech founded Hunger Street Tacos, which the Orlando Sentinel called the home of the best tacos in town. Here, Creech shares his ideal 24 hours in his hometown. 
Atlanta Braves star Tom Glavine and his family loved their Alys Beach vacation home so much that they moved to the Panhandle full-time

Atlanta Braves star Tom Glavine and his family loved their Alys Beach vacation home so much that they moved there full-time

After a Fourth of July weekend in 2019, Tom and Chris Glavine were on their deck at Alys Beach, enjoying a last view of the Gulf before heading back to Atlanta, and he said, "Why are we leaving here, exactly?" The family of seven soon started pondering how to make life on 30A a year-round thing. In 2020, they switched to full-time coastal life.

5 must-visit dive bars across the Southeast

No-frills institutions that set the bar high for cheap beer and good times

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