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An app aimed at preventing food waste launches in Atlanta with bargain "surprise bags" from local restaurants

An app aimed at preventing food waste launches in Atlanta with bargain “surprise bags” from local restaurants

Too Good to Go, a seven-year-old app designed to prevent food waste, recently launched service in Atlanta. The app connects restaurants that have a surplus supply with hungry customers in an effort to reduce the amount of food thrown in the trash.
Goodr Atlanta

Atlanta startup Goodr is working to stop food waste and hunger

Goodr’s model is based on the belief that the crises of food insecurity and food waste are not only related, but that each can help solve the other. Among their projects: free grocery stores for seniors and students.
Gunshow's Mushroom Tonic cocktail

A cocktail from kitchen scraps: Gunshow’s seasonal tonic makes the most of leftovers

A lemon slice here, a twist of orange there, and a gazillion plastic straws: Bars create a lot of waste. But by phasing out those straws and using the whole fruit, Atlanta bartenders are joining the growing low-waste cocktail movement.
Christiane Chronicles

The Christiane Chronicles: America, home of the unfinished plate

Christiane Lauterbach is embarrassed by the amount of food she sees sent back to the kitchen. "In some respects, I’m still not a wasteful American. I eat the tails of my shrimp. I chew on chicken bones until they are perfectly clean of cartilage. And still, the amount of food I leave behind in restaurants makes me feel like a criminal. I secretly hope that some rodent will enjoy whatever ends up in the dumpster."
Best of Atlanta Food & Drink badge

Do-good disposal system: Compostwheels

The idea: Conserve your food scraps, and Compostwheels will pick them up and turn them into nutrient-rich soil that they then deliver to nearby farms. That means less food waste going to local landfills and more local food production.
Scraps Steven Satterfield

Scraps, a new TV series about food waste, teams up with chef Steven Satterfield

In a new TV series for FYI Network, Scraps, Sur La Table chef Joel Gamoran travels the country and meets with chefs who are passionate about ending excessive food waste, including Atlanta's own Steven Satterfield.

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