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Lisa Wu

Atlanta reality TV stars: Where are they now?

Tribble Reese got a master's degree, Fred Pangle is a firearms instructor, Traci Steele is writing an autobiography, and Lisa Wu has moved on to rom coms
Rodney Ho

The AJC’s Rodney Ho watches every reality TV show so you don’t have to

Ho has watched every episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta and written more than 136,000 words of weekly recaps. And he knows what his audience wants.
Reality TV in Atlanta

Here’s why reality TV shows keep flocking to Atlanta

Chalk it up to primo locations, local crews, Southern hospitality, and high ratings.

Romance lessons from “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta”

Hi. my name is Tony and . . . ahem . . . I’ve become addicted to the drama of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. I know I’m not alone. But aside from the guilty pleasure of following these fellow Atlantans through their music industry exploits, there is another reason to set your DVR to stun. While they haven’t hit Jay-Z status, the L&HHA guys are experts in love. As in: What to never, ever, ever do. Just in time, a Valentine’s Day primer.

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