February 2016: The Millennials Issue


Atlanta MillennialsFeatures
How the biggest generation is reshaping Atlanta.
Edited by Scott Henry

Blues Brothers
A friendship with a young guitarist, forged through the blues,
gave musician Eddie Tigner a second chance at success.
By Barry Yeoman

From the Red Clay to the Red Planet
Four teams from Georgia, one mission: Mars.
By Candice Dyer

Editor’s Note  Those darn kids

The Connector and The Agenda
The bike czar  Becky Katz wants to make the city more bicycle-friendly
Weighing in  Lee Haney visits the site of his iconic gym
Lead attorney  Cedartown lawyer turned the case of a lifetime into a movie
Faces of a movement  Three women of Black Lives Matter
The road home  Lucinda Williams’s new album
Crisis in culture  How the AIDS epidemic influenced American art
Mixed media  Artist Vik Muniz at the High

The Goods
Editor’s pick  At Cover Books, the art is on the shelves
My Style  SculptHouse founder Katherine Mason
Style trends  Romantic rose
Room Envy  An elegant bar
Destination Franklin, Tennessee

The Bite
Sweet treats  The Cake Hag
The name game  What’s in a restaurant’s name?
Christiane Chronicles  Soul food and reservations
Technique  Profiteroles
Fresh on the scene  First looks at El Super Pan and more
Review  Marcel

One Square Mile  Newton High School