A brief timeline of Atlanta millennial milestones

They’ve been around just a few decades, but millennials have already seen a lifetime’s worth of change

October 21, 1980
Kim Kardashian is born in Los Angeles, immediately poses for her first photo

April 23, 1985
The Coca-Cola Company debuts New Coke, birthing a shorthand term for a bad idea

MillennialsOctober 1991
The Braves’ miraculous “worst to first” season puts Atlanta in the World Series for the first time since ever

May 1992
MTV’s The Real World establishes the modern reality TV genre, teaches kids to overshare on camera

July 1996
The Centennial Olympic Games and not-so-beloved mascot Izzy are overshadowed by a fatal bombing

Atlanta BeltLineDecember 1999
Georgia Tech architecture student Ryan Gravel turns in a master’s thesis on something called the “Belt Line”

September 11, 2001
“Where were you on 9/11?” becomes a defining question for millennials

March 2003
The U.S. invasion of Iraq gives a new generation its own Vietnam War

MillennialsNovember 2005
Georgia Aquarium opens, quickly becomes the default place to take visiting relatives

June 2007
Apple introduces the iPhone; FOMO becomes real

September 2010
MARTA tokens become relics; the era of (double) tapping begins

Photography credits: Baseball, fish: iStockphoto.com; BeltLine: Tess Malone

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This article originally appeared in our February 2016 issue.