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Mama Circle Atlanta postpartum support

Why new parents can feel so lonely, and where to find support in Atlanta

Our culture loves pregnant women, but once the baby is born, all that attention disappears. Postpartum support groups can be helpful for lonely parents seeking advice and camaraderie, but finding them can be difficult.

For 17 years, Demetress Williams fostered children. Then she met four siblings she wanted to adopt.

"I’ve fostered maybe 10 kids. Most of the time, the main objective is reunification, so you don’t want to get too attached. But that wasn’t the case with these [four] siblings."
Soccer mom lament

The Soccer Mom’s Lament

I could easily say that, with sports, my parents’ model of loving detachment was good enough for me, so it’s good enough for my kid. But I can’t deny there’s a system in place that measures a parent’s love for her child by how often that parent shows up. The kids didn’t create this system. We did.

7 tips for millennial parents

For those thinking of having kids, we asked millennial parents for tips on surviving financially while maintaining a social life.
Thrill Dad

Field notes from a thrill-seeking dad

Repeat after me, young man: There is no shame in carrying a diaper bag.

Binge drinking 101

According to the CDC, one in five high school girls binge drink. That means they have at least four drinks (beer, wine, or liquor) at a time -- and they do it several times a month.

On and Off the Grid

Lately I get excited by small things, and I don’t know if that’s good or bad. I do know it wasn’t always this way. I used to be a pretty hard sell when it came to excitement. When I got my college degree, I didn’t even want to attend the graduation ceremony.

Some Parents Have to Stand Out

My daughter says I am not allowed to whistle, but I do it anyway. I can almost see her point, though. When I whistle, it's loud. I can hail a cab from a whole block away.

Tapping Out

Now that I look back, it seems appropriate that my alleged stepfather would croak in a casino. For one, Bill never did anything you'd expect, even though he'd often tell you exactly what to expect.

My Mother, the Thief

I don’t know how thieves happen or why my mother became one, but as far as kleptos go, she wasn’t that bad. She isolated her pilfering to stuff like ashtrays and hotel shower curtains and such. Mostly it was things she figured people wouldn’t miss.

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