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Elf on the Shelf Santa's St. Bernards Save Christmas

Elf on the Shelf holiday cartoon specials are now coming to a TV near you

“I want our animated specials to be loved and last as long as the Grinch and Charlie Brown have been for me,” says Elf on the Shelf co-creator Chanda Bell. “The North Pole is the Greek mythology of our time. We want to tell all of Santa’s stories."
Ludacris Shaq Christmas Ponce City Market

So that’s why Shaq and Ludacris were singing Christmas carols at Ponce City Market

Remember when Shaquille O'Neal and Ludacris were spotted singing Christmas carols at Ponce City Market about a month ago? Turns out it was for a TBS holiday special, SURPRISE! Instant Xmas Carol!

CeeLo Green and members of Goodie Mob talk about their new reality show at aTVfest

Best friends forever. That’s the theme of CeeLo Green’s new TBS reality show, CeeLo Green’s The Good Life, which will focus on the recent reunion of Goodie Mob, the Dirty South hip-hop group that first made Green famous back in the 1990s. During a panel and Q&A with the band and the show’s producers at Savannah College of Art and Design’s aTVfest Friday afternoon, Goodie Mob member Big Gipp summed up the message of their new show.

Guest Star of the Year: Conan at the Tabernacle

In April, a giant Final Four basketball adorned with an orange pompadour was inflated in Centennial Olympic Park—the first indication that TBS late-night host Conan O’Brien had taken up residence at the nearby Tabernacle.

Conan recap: Tuesday’s show in Atlanta

The most Atlanta-centric moments from Tuesday night's "Conan" on TBS, shooting episodes this week at the Tabernacle downtown.

Conan rocks the Tabernacle!

"I want to welcome everyone who couldn't get a ticket to tonight's Braves game," Conan O'Brien told a cheering audience Monday afternoon at the first Final Four week Atlanta taping of his TBS "Conan" late night show at the Tabernacle downtown. Longtime fans like Jas Chahal and Stephanie Kasper, who had won their tickets through the TeamCoco.com website, had been milling about on Luckie Street all day. Chahal had driven up from Orlando for the occasion and from their second row seats, they had orange signs reading "ATL Luvs Coco" and "Conan Hug Me" signs at the ready (note to fans attending this week's shows at the Tabernacle: the show's stage manager requests that the audience refrain from displaying your Conan love signage since it will interfere with the cameras swinging around capturing the show in progress).

Super Station!

With O’Brien, TBS has toppled one of the last bastions of broadcast: late night. And Turner, who once tried to woo Johnny Carson away from NBC, must love that. That is, one imagines that Ted Turner would love all these things—if he were still in charge of his namesake networks, headquartered in Atlanta.

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