#4: Miller Union


Miller Union Atlanta
Photograph by Alex Martinez

In an age when so many chefs go ballistic with fat and salt and walloping flavors, Steven Satterfield stands confident in his love of the understated. So many of his dishes are edible essays on the season. Rhubarb chutney with confit rabbit; fava beans and green garlic with sauteed shrimp; snapper fillet with English peas, pickled onion, and radishes—hello, spring! Look out for Satterfield’s Savannah red rice with smoked sausage and shrimp, which nods to his South Georgia childhood. Co-owner and front-of-house maestro Neal McCarthy assembles a suave wine list heavy on Old World varietals.

999 Brady Avenue, 678-733-8550, millerunion.com


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  • HowardS_6091

    Took the family there for lunch. Great food and service.

  • Simone

    Tooo stuck up and posh. It may be a great place, but the co owner was most rude, pompus and argumentative with customers. Will Never go there again! It doesn’t matter how good a place is. If you make your customers feel like you dont care, you’ve lost.

  • Bryan

    From a restaurant manager’s P.O.V. (and no, not this restaurant) – The way people act when they go out to eat now will cause you to act like you don’t care. Was the co owner rude and argumentative with you, or with everyone in the restaurant? Most guests seem to think that their table is the only one that really matters. They draw their conclusions on the whole restaurant based on what they see from their table. I can assure you this Simone, management always cares. We always want to chat with everyone and make them feel welcome. Sometimes we just get busy making sure ticket times aren’t too long, making sure food looks/tastes good, making sure reservations are being handled properly by the hostess, watching servers to ensure proper service, keeping an eye on the bar to make sure drinks come out in a timely manner and look exquisite, placing orders, running reports, etc. I feel like their is a reason this restaurant is number 8 on this list and you probably shouldn’t let your interaction with this man detour you from experiencing the fine product produced by the hard working, and highly talented staff of this restaurant.

  • Ross and Nat

    Last minute late night dinner option. Excellent service. Great food. Medium to High prices but IT IS DEFINITELY WORTH IT! Also, you may want to make a reservation, we walked in late at 9 and were lucky to get a table. Very nice setting.
    Valet parking was a wonderful extra touch.

  • Melissa

    Nothing to write home about… Food is okay and over priced. Go to Abattoir that’s down the road instead.

  • Atlantagirl

    Way overpriced for what you get. We went for a bday dinner, I ordered one drink and an entree, was underwhelmed, left still hungry (and I’m little and have a small appetite), and ended up paying $50/person. Bar was great, but othe than that, I wouldn’t go back.

  • lafseo

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  • ngipz

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  • Hershel Reid

    I could not imagine how delicious this foods are..


  • Risn

    Being a foodie, I spend most of my time in food chains and restaurants easting and experimenting different cuisines. Thanks for providing me with the best restaurants in the city. While seeing the picturtes the appetite has already aroused in me.