O4W Pizza

Grandma Pie O4W Pizza
The Grandma Pie at O4W Pizza

Photograph courtesy of O4W Pizza

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In 2015, the city fell hard for New Jersey native Anthony Spina’s O4W Pizza—and his square, pan-cooked grandma pie in particular. The Old Fourth Ward location was short-lived (it closed in June 2016), but the concept was not. Spina relaunched a month later in Duluth, with an expanded menu that includes a chicken parm hero on housemade bread and handmade cavatelli. But the biggest draw remains the game-changing pizzas: classic round pies, thick-crust Sicilians, thick-yet-airy Detroit-style, and, of course, grandma. Thankfully for ITP-ers, you can find most of those pies (but, alas, no grandma) at Spina’s new spot, Nina & Rafi, which opened on the BeltLine late last year. 3117 Main Street, Duluth, 678-587-5420, o4wpizza.com