My mind is racing

The basic idea—an old one, admittedly—is that you can take in a great deal of a city while running, especially those places where cars are not able to effectively travel. The novel twist is that you can do this with the help of an athletic tour guide, replacing a complicated tourist map with a pair of running shoes. This way, your mind and body both go for a jog.

How gross is your purse?

Ladies, what do you do with your purse when you're eating at a restaurant? Or what if there's no hook when you're in a restroom stall? One in five purses carries more bacteria than the average toilet.

Georgia drivers aren’t the worst

Well, at least we didn't make the top ten. According to, Georgia drivers are only the fourteenth worst in the country. The worst drivers are nearby in Louisiana.

Georgia Tech named 8th greenest campus

All those smarties at Georgia Tech are keeping the Earth green and maybe themselves healthier in the process. The university was No. 8 on Sierra Magazine’s “Cool Schools” list of America’s greenest campuses.

Emory doc rates diets

For the third year, Emory cardiologist Laurence Sperling helped U.S. News & World Report rate the country’s top diets. Sperling joined a panel of 20 experts to evaluate 29 diets from Atkins to Zone. Fortunately for Sperling, medical director of Emory's Center for Heart Disease Prevention, he didn’t have to actually try all the diets.

Ultimate stroke care

Georgia Regents Medical Center is the first hospital in Georgia—and one of only 20 hospitals in the country—to be named an Advanced Comprehensive Stroke Center. That gives the Augusta hospital serious bragging rights over its counterparts in metro Atlanta.

Why you should be eating beets

This taproot’s popularity peaked around 1982—about the time Wolfgang Puck first paired it with goat cheese. That puts beets somewhere between avocados and sun-dried tomatoes on Bon Appetit’s list of the trendiest vegetables of the last fifty years.

How to shed pounds

This being the land of Chick-fil-A and Coca-Cola, it’s no wonder that more than a quarter of Georgians are clinically obese, making us the seventeenth-most-obese state in the country.


In this brave new world of oddball and doctor-disapproved exercise regimens—where people use electric shocking belts in their desperate attempts to develop six-pack stomachs—there must be a product that can help sedentary lawyers fulfill their office-bound dreams of chiseled bodies, right?

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