The new dishes you’ll find at the Canteen

A handful of new menu items will be exclusive to the micro food hall from the General Muir team
You can still get Fred’s garlic fries with ranch at the Canteen

Photograph by Danielle Oron

The Canteen—the latest project from the General Muir chef Todd Ginsberg, Shelley Sweet, and Jennifer and Ben Johnson (the duo behind Fred’s Meat & Bread, Yalla, the General Muir, and West Egg Café)—is open as of seven o’clock this morning. As we’ve mentioned previously, the micro food hall in Midtown features mini outposts of Fred’s and Yalla as well as a spinoff of the General Muir called TGM Bagel. Many of your favorites can be found at this new location, but there are also some new items to check out. Here are all of the dishes that are exclusive to the Canteen:

  • TGM Bagel has a pumpernickel bagel in addition to the other flavors normally found at The General Muir, and while it’s definitely an offshoot of the General Muir and TGM Bread, nearly all of the TGM Bagel menu is otherwise new. See below.
  • Square Bar, which offers smoothies, fresh pressed juices, and energy shots in the morning and transitions into a full bar with cocktails, beer, and wine as the day progresses, is an entirely new endeavor. It supports the other stalls (see the TGM Bagel menu for Square’s morning offerings), but is also a standalone destination. “We’ve opened a large window from Square Bar to the Centergy One/Tech Square plaza and hope to make the plaza a more engaging social destination,” says Jennifer Johnson.
  • The Fred’s outpost serves a six-inch version of some subs, also available in their usual nine-inch size. “Being adjacent to Georgia Tech’s campus, we are particularly sensitive to the student budget,” says Johnson. “We couldn’t afford to lower the price of our regular-size sandwiches, but made a decision to offer a smaller portion to control the price.” There are no plans at this time to extend this offering to Krog Street Market. There are at least five sandwiches that are exclusive to the Canteen location: Chicken Parmesan (mozzarella, red sauce, basil), Roast Pork (provolone, rapini, jus), Porchetta (arugula, aioli, salsa verde), Blackened Tuna (bacon avocado, spicy mayo, charred red onion), and a Pastrami Hoagie (cucumber salad, dill, deli mustard).
  • Yalla features the same menu as Krog Street Market location, “with potential for variation in the chef’s daily selection of seasonal vegetables (salatim) and house-made low-sugar sodas,” says Johnson.

Check out the full menu for TGM Bagel and Square Bar (tap to enlarge)
TGM Bagel menu