Brash Coffee is coming to Buckhead and bringing a sophisticated espresso bar

The shop opens in the Atlanta History Center in mid-December
Brash espresso

Photo by Sommer Daniel

Brash Coffee, which opened its first Atlanta location in a shipping container on the Westside in 2015, is growing its footprint with a new coffee bar adjacent to Souper Jenny in the newly renovated Atlanta History Center. The coffee bar will open in mid-December.

“Buckhead needs good coffee, and it needs it now,” says Brash CEO Chris McLeod. “We’re intentional in everything we do, from sourcing to retailing to business expansion. We feel the clientele that Brash has will be well-suited to Buckhead.”

The new 1,500-square-foot Brash space will feature a Modbar, allowing baristas to profile espresso. In other words, the Brash baristas will be able to match the coffee preparation to fit the exact humidity and temperature in the air. “This allows them to have an artful, craft-like, personal touch to the coffee,” McLeod says.

“As the palates of Americans become more demanding and people become more curious about coffee, we need to be deliberate and intentional about every step in the process from farmer to customer. That gets to the heart of why Brash was started and what we want to offer to the community,” McLeod explains.

The menu will be identical to that at the Westside location, focused on “simple, delicious coffee,” such as drip coffee, espresso, cortado, cappuccino, latte, iced coffee, tea, mocha, matcha latte, chai latte, and macchiato.

The space will have a large communal table, as well counter space, a sitting nook, and an outdoor area.

Brash is working on a new roasting facility on the Westside, too.