Stinger vs. stinger: Stacking up Georgia Tech and SCAD’s mascots

Think these two schools have nothing in common? Their mascots beg to differ.
SCAD Georgia Tech Mascots
Illustration by Francesco Poroli

An art school and an engineering-driven university may not seem to have much in common, but Savannah College of Art and Design and Georgia Tech do share the same sort of insectile mascot. Here’s how the arthropods (one’s a bee, the other’s technically a wasp) match up.

Art the Bee, SCAD
Created in
1978, when SCAD opened in a former Savannah armory
Inspiration A founding SCAD principle: to give students a chance to soar (get it?)
Countenance Peeved aggression
Shared billing Art is one of two symbols (a bee and an acorn) on the SCAD seal.
Appendages (beyond stinger) Two arms and two legs
Accouterments Often a black SCAD T-shirt
Fun fact Art actually predates the SCAD athletics program, which debuted with a soccer team in 1984.

Buzz, Georgia Tech
Created in
1972, when student Judi McNair donned a yellow jacket costume at football games; offi­cially adopted in 1980
Inspiration Yellow jackets mirror the jerseys of early Tech football teams.
Countenance Prideful confidence
Shared billing Buzz joins the Ramblin’ Wreck as one of Tech’s two official mascots.
Appendages (beyond stinger) Two very buff arms (and sometimes legs)
Accouterments Black Converse high-tops
Fun fact State Representative Bert Reeves (R-Marietta) played Buzz from 1997 to 2000.

On the calendar: Expect more Midtown traffic as Tech welcomes its class of 2019 on August 17.

This article originally appeared in our August 2015 issue.