Chef Spotlight: Joe Truex of Pursell Farms in Sylacauga, Alabama

The 3,200-acre resort is home to three restaurants that host various events, including seasonal cooking demos
Pursell Farms

Photo courtesy of Pursell Farms

Chef Joe Truex

Photo courtesy of Pursell Farms

Known by many for Repast, his celebrated (and sorely missed) Atlanta restaurant, Joe Truex is now executive chef at Pursell Farms, a 3,200-acre resort in Sylacauga, Alabama, featuring an inn, cottages, an 18-hole golf course, and three restaurants. Resort guests and non-guest visitors can book a spot at his October 23 “Fall Forage” cooking demonstration.

Cajun Roots
“My family is from French Louisiana. My parents settled there because it offered wildlife, fishery, and everything we needed. My mom made a fantastic crawfish bisque, which involved filling the biggest crawfish heads with stuffing and pan-frying them before adding them to the stew.”

Fall Flavor
“This cooking demo will feature root vegetables: Think parsnips, crispy Brussels sprouts, and roasted wild mushrooms over a butternut squash risotto.”

Australian lamb chops

Photo courtesy of Pursell Farms

Taste Tease
“When you come for the demo, you have to check out our restaurant, Arrington. Try the grilled Australian lamb chops with roasted red pepper agrodolce and jalapeño mint jelly. It offers a sweet-and-sour take on the South’s ubiquitous pepper jelly, but with an Italian condiment.”

Selling Point
“My meals aren’t complicated. Dishes are creative but not fussy—approachable. That’s the vibe at Pursell Farms.”

This article appears in the Fall/Winter 2021 issue of Southbound.