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Essential Southern beach trips

There are a few things you can always count on if you travel along the Southern coast. Pillowy mounds of soft, fine sand. Warm, sunny days punctuated by kaleidoscopic sunsets. Tents and umbrellas bearing the mascots of college football teams. Local shrimp and oysters fried to greasy perfection. These eight classic destinations tick all those boxes and more.

Biscuit-making with James Beard Award-winning chef Scott Peacock

The chef hosts his Black Belt Biscuit Making Experience in Reverie, the 1858 historic Greek Revival mansion in Marion, Alabama.
Why an Emory physician built a second career as a death penalty expert

Why an Emory physician built a second career as a death penalty expert

For the past decade, Dr. Joel Zivot has acted as a medical expert in numerous death penalty cases throughout the South. Legal defense teams seek him out for medical examinations before execution, for expert testimony in court, and, in rare cases, for autopsies to assess a victim’s experience during execution.

DeJuana Thompson’s perfect day in Birmingham, Alabama

The president and CEO of the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute shares how she would spend an ideal 24 hours in her hometown.

Where to eat, sleep, and grab gifts in Auburn, Alabama

While university spirit permeates this college town, there’s far more to Auburn than just academic and athletic pride.
Are the water wars over?

Are Georgia’s water wars over?

In 2021, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected a request by Florida to limit the amount of water Georgia can withdraw from a shared river basin—the latest and most significant development in a tri-state battle over how to apportion the waters that flow through those two states and Alabama, a fight that’s cost untold millions of dollars and sparked multiple lawsuits. The decision was widely regarded as a victory for Georgia. So: Are the water wars finally over?

Explore the depths of the earth at this Alabama cave preserve

With brilliant columns of light pouring through two keyhole entrances, it’s no wonder Alabama’s Stephens Gap Callahan Cave Preserve makes an appearance on many a bucket list. After a short but rocky hike to the entrance, visitors may descend into the 143-foot-deep cavern via the walk-down path (which is steep and can be wet and slippery—sturdy shoes, helmets, and headlamps are highly recommended).

By Design: 36 of the South’s architectural wonders

As much as we love the South's quintessential clapboard churches and stately mansions, our appreciation of Southern architecture extends beyond the classics. We‘ve combed the region for noteworthy structures, from historical masterpieces like Thomas Jefferson‘s Palladian Monticello to modern marvels like the breezy, zero-energy McDonald‘s Florida flagship (yes, McDonald’s).
A love letter to the Flora-Bama

A love letter to the Flora-Bama

The first time that I was lured to the Flora-Bama Lounge, I had been casting for speckled trout on a guided fishing trip off the coast of Orange Beach, Alabama. This was a fall evening in the ’90s. Gulls spread rumors overhead. The sun was going to orange. From a distant point came music, pounding yet lighthearted, like a cross between Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Buffett. It sounded like dirty dancing. It sounded like a good time.
A new podcast examines how an Alabama reform school functioned more like a prison farm for Black kids

A new podcast examines an Alabama reform school that functioned more like a prison farm for Black kids

Unreformed, hosted by Atlanta journalist Josie Duffy Rice, unearths how things went horrifically wrong at the Alabama Industrial School for Negro Children during the first half of the 20th century

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