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Atlanta coronavirus COVID-19 updates

Atlanta’s latest coronavirus updates: Sunday, August 2

Hospitals continue to feel the strain of COVID-19 and a CDC report identifies a major outbreak at a Georgia summer camp. Here's what you need to know this week.

Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain are unconventional

Every four years, TV executives agree to allow Democrats and Republicans to air lengthy political infomercials for free. These ads, better known as the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, are an opportunity for presidential candidates to pitch their candidacies to an audience considerably larger than the party die-hards they were talking to during primary season.

Well, we’re “suspending” things for now …

After careful consideration, talking it over with our families, consulting our advisers, and pondering the wisdom of the Pokemon movies, we've reached the conclusion that it's time to "suspend" this blog.

Dispatching Cain in 103 tweets

This weekend, Atlanta magazine contributor Charles Bethea took on an assignment from another magazine. (It's okay. We understand — really. Our feelings aren't hurt.) He live-tweeted the Cain "suspension" announcement in 103 pithy little dispatches, then put it all together in a piece for GQ's politics blog.

Political vultures circle the Cain campaign

Herman Cain may have vowed in New Hampshire yesterday that “it ain’t over yet,” but political pundits are already treating the demise of his campaign as a foregone conclusion.

Not unattractive woman defends Cain

Speaking to CBS News today, Herman Cain supporter Arizona state Sen. Lori Klein offered the best defense of Herman Cain's character you will ever hear. According to CBS, "She says she has known him for 12 years and he's 'never been anything but a gentlemen - and I am not an unattractive woman.'"

National Review Online: Cain tells staff he may quit campaign

Cain apparently took it very badly when we scribbled Newt Gingrich's name on the logo for this blog. According to National Review Online, he told his staff this morning that he's considering ending his campaign.

Fox-y lady: Fox 5 finds woman who claims 13-year affair with Herman Cain

Atlanta Fox 5 just dropped another ladybomb on Herman Cain's struggling Presidential campaign.

Cain campaign autopsy

The Herman Cain presidential campaign isn't officially dead, but Talking Points Memo has already posted a compelling video autopsy.

Herman Cain revels in his own religious bigotry

On Friday, Herman Cain made a campaign stop at The Holy Land Experience Biblical amusement park in Orlando, Florida. While addressing a crowd, he told a jokey story about his cancer treatment displaying Cain's pride in his own vulgar anti-Muslim bigotry.

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