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Vicksburg, Mississippi, offers delightful local shopping and classic Southern eats

Make the most of the town's nooks and crannies with plenty to discover for history buffs and small-town enthusiasts alike.

Immerse yourself in music history at the Grammy Museum Mississippi

Executive director Emily Havens shares details on current exhibitions and which red carpet looks are not to be missed.

In a new documentary, a Pulitzer-winning Atlanta journalist examines the integration of his own Mississippi public school

The Georgia State University professor is tackling a story very close to home as writer and producer of a new documentary, The Harvest. Debuting September 12 on PBS’s The American Experience, The Harvest explores the story of first integrated public school class in Leland, Mississippi, of which Blackmon was a part of. The film is produced by prolific Oscar-nominated filmmaker and producer Sam Pollard (Citizen Ashe, Black Art: In the Absence of Light), who also worked on the documentary adaptation of Blackmon's Pulitzer-winning book, Slavery by Another Name.

One City, Three Ways: Natchez, Mississippi

Named for the Natchez tribe of Indigenous Americans, Natchez is a perfect destination for foodies, history buffs, and nature lovers alike.

By Design: 36 of the South’s architectural wonders

As much as we love the South's quintessential clapboard churches and stately mansions, our appreciation of Southern architecture extends beyond the classics. We‘ve combed the region for noteworthy structures, from historical masterpieces like Thomas Jefferson‘s Palladian Monticello to modern marvels like the breezy, zero-energy McDonald‘s Florida flagship (yes, McDonald’s).

Hometown Flavor: Pan-seared goodness from Mississippi restaurant Elvie’s

Hunter Evans remembers running around with his brothers when they visited their grandmother Elvieretta in New Orleans. The Jackson, Mississippi, native can still see the fresh shrimp in the sink and smell the spicy aromas of her homemade stuffed artichokes.

All Shook Up: Visiting Tupelo, Mississippi’s Elvis Festival

The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist shares why the king is still magic.

A father and daughter consider the past—and the future—on a road trip through the Mississippi Delta

Drive north on Money Road out of Greenwood, Mississippi, and the town gives way in a hurry to cotton and corn, an occasional house set back from the road.

Where to eat, drink, sleep, and shop in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Ocean Springs is a small town of abundant beauty—the natural kind found in the twisting branches of live oaks and the stunning sunsets at Front Beach, but also the type meticulously crafted on a pottery wheel or in a glass-blowing studio.

Rollin’ on the River

I’m not a big crier, but I feel two fat tears threatening to spill down my cheeks as an eight-piece band performs “What a Wonderful World.” I’m sitting in a darkened theater aboard the inaugural voyage of the American Countess, a luxurious new paddle wheeler cruising the Mississippi.

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