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walk-up windows Atlanta

Let’s keep the restaurant walk-up window, please

One pandemic adaptation I’m hoping will prove permanent is the walk-up window, an adjustment made by many metro Atlanta restaurants and cafes.
Memorial Drive Atlanta Daddy D’z BBQ Joynt

As Memorial Drive rapidly changes, how do its longtime restaurants survive?

“Gentrification brings a different level of competition, and typically, the competition has more money behind it than a small, standalone business,” Daddy D'z owner Christianah Coker-Jackson says. “So, they can inundate [would-be diners] with the advertising, the bright lights, the fancy stuff we just don’t have.”

Eat This: Grilled chicken gyros from Nick’s Food to Go

Manager Evie Poulos estimates that they sell upwards of 200 gyros every day. But despite the restaurant’s reputation for their Greek sandwiches, gyros weren’t even on the menu when Nick’s opened.

Our favorite foods for under $10

We’d splurge on sushi and dine at steakhouses every night if we could. But most of us can’t, and for the casual lunch or dinner, we’re more likely to chow down on these singular stars, where cost and quality are far from equals.

Nick Poulos of Nick’s Food To Go retires, restaurant continues on

Nick Poulos, founder of Edgewood's Greek sandwich shop Nick’s Food To Go, is retiring, but the restaurant, which opened in 1994, will go on with other family members at the helm. Nick’s wife Eleni (or Helen) Poulos, who's been cooking since day one, will run the kitchen, while daughter Evie Poulos will take over managerial duties.

Nick’s Food to Go Is a Window 
into Greek Cuisine

After nearly twenty years dishing out gyros and Greek salads, Nick Poulos no longer looks quite as frisky as his cartoonish portrait painted on the large sign outside his business. His bristly mustache turned gray long ago, and at sixty-nine, he moves a little more slowly. But his carryout restaurant continues to thrive in a dreary area near Daddy D’z BBQ Joynt just west of Oakland Cemetery. In the nineties, Poulos’s brother ran a liquor store a block and a half away from the restaurant—then an empty lot—and suggested the location. The package store is long gone, but neighborhood loyalists have kept Nick’s Food to Go busy for years, largely through word of mouth.

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