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How young trans people—and their families and medical providers—are contending with a wave of animus

How young trans people—and their families and medical providers—are contending with a wave of animus

By the time all states had adjourned their legislative sessions in 2022, 17 bills aimed at transgender and nonbinary children had been passed into law—a record. Since January of this year, the U.S. has seen more than 100 bills being introduced that would prevent trans youth from being able to access healthcare—another record. According to the Trans Legislation Tracker, 2023 is the fourth consecutive record-breaking year for anti-trans legislation, with some bills aiming to restrict healthcare up to age 26.
What Georgia lawmakers got wrong about the transgender healthcare ban

Doctors explain what Georgia lawmakers got wrong with the new law restricting transgender youth healthcare

Section 1 of SB 140, Georgia's new law that bans hormone therapy and gender-affirming surgeries for minors, contains seven “findings” lawmakers say justify the need for this law. But experts say these findings do not reflect the medical science of gender transition in minors. We spoke to several doctors and mental health providers to break down the facts—and myths—behind these findings to help you understand what’s actually happening.
Anita Bryant Protest at National Teenager Pageant, August 19, 1977

6 Atlanta queer history facts you might not know

Way before there was a rainbow crosswalk in Midtown, Atlanta’s LGBTQ+ scene was flourishing. Queer history tends to focus on large cities like New York and San Francisco, but Atlanta’s actually been a haven for queer and trans Southerners since the early 20th century.
Erin Swenson

When Erin Swenson transitioned in the 90s, a close vote kept her ordained as Presbyterian minister. Her new podcast tells her story.

Erin Swenson was the first Presbyterian minister to transition and remain ordained. Her new podcast, So Much More than Gender, shares her story.
Monica Helms

Meet the Navy veteran who created the trans Pride flag

"I didn’t start to feel like a woman at a certain age—I started to feel like a girl. I was five years old, growing up in Arizona, and I prayed to God to turn me into a girl. You can’t tell me that this is a choice."
Peter Smith in I Am My Own Wife Out Front Theatre Atlanta

For the first time, a trans performer will play all 35 roles in Out Front Theatre’s production of I Am My Own Wife

Out Front Theatre's latest production, I Am My Own Wife, marks the first time the Pulitzer- and Tony Award-winning show has been staged with a transgender performer, Peter Smith, playing all 35 roles.
Man Made T Cooper documentary

Atlanta hosts the world’s only transgender bodybuilding competition. A new documentary shines a light on it.

When writer T Cooper moved to Atlanta in 2014, he was surprised to learn about TransFitCon. "Wait, the only transgender bodybuilding competition in the world takes place in Atlanta?" he laughs. "It was just so random." He spent the next three years crafting the feature-length documentary, Man Made, which closes out the Atlanta Film Festival this Sunday.
Ashley Diamond

After unexpected parole, transgender inmate Ashley Diamond picks up the pieces of her life

“I represent the everyday transgender person,” Diamond said. “I want people to recognize that I’m human.”
Shelley Emerson


She had been an actor in her own life; she had played the role of a man for so long that she had become incredible in the part. She had played Jim as a guy’s guy with a ruddy face and short hair and Jim had been a great guy, a great success story; but Jim had only been a character.

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