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Jenni Harris turkey

You should eat more turkey

There are health benefits to varying your poultry routine throughout the year. Turkey could almost be considered a superfood: It’s packed with protein, low in fat, and contains iron, vitamins B6 and B12, niacin, and zinc. But the market for turkey that’s not ground is slim after the holidays.
Big Chicken

Consumers want antibiotic-free chicken. Can companies and farmers afford it?

Antibiotics don’t just fight infections; they also fatten chickens. In an excerpt from her new book, Big Chicken, Atlanta journalist Maryn McKenna explores how consumer demand is forcing huge companies, such as Perdue and Chick-fil-A, to go antibiotic-free.
White Oak Pastures

Eat a steak fresh on the farm at White Oak Pastures

Will Harris's family farm in southwest Georgia, White Oak Pastures, is the largest organic farm in the state and has gained nearly every accolade for sustainable farming techniques.
White Oak General Store

White Oak Pastures’ General Store is the first retail store to open in Bluffton in more than 40 years

Starting this weekend, the tiny town of Bluffton in far southwest Georgia will have something that it has lacked for more than 40 years: a place to spend money. The Harrises of White Oak Pastures have purchased an abandoned general store, renovated and stocked it, and will open it Saturday.

Twain’s Savannah Sasser dropped vegetarianism and became a butcher

Twain's chef Savannah Sasser on learning to butcher, the value of culinary school, her favorite beer, and the first meal she ever made.

Garnish & Gather vs. PeachDish: Putting Atlanta fresh meal kits to the test

Seizing on Americans’ collective desire to elevate home cooking (and collective laziness), entrepreneurs have collaborated with farmers and chefs to package simple, ready-to-cook meals with just enough ingredients—often premeasured and sourced locally—to fix the portions you need for that evening. I tested two Atlanta favorites, Garnish & Gather and PeachDish.

Could beef soon become as expensive as lobster?

For Stuart Baesel, beef isn’t just what’s for dinner. It’s his livelihood. As a co-owner of one of Atlanta’s favorite barbecue joints, Community Q BBQ, Baesel relies on a consistent supply of beef to...

White Oak Pastures to open restaurant on farm

White Oak Pastures, the pioneering sustainable farm based near Bluffton, GA, will open a restaurant on the farm this weekend. To kick off the establishment’s opening week, Woodfire Grill chef and Top Chef celebrity Kevin Gillespie will be cooking a dinner sourced entirely from the farm’s grass-fed beef, pastured poultry, ducks, turkey, rabbits, and organic vegetables.

Local food event at Ponce Whole Foods tomorrow

Food, Inc., a documentary about some seriously disturbing practices in U.S. agriculture, opens a week from today at Landmark Midtown cinemas. (I saw a screening a couple months ago, and I left riled up. Go see it.) In anticipation of the opening, Whole Foods is holding an “organic living fare” tomorrow from 11 a.m.–1 p.m. There’ll be a panel discussion on supporting sustainable and organic practices close to home, with some of the state’s most committed farmers, including the inimitable Will Harris of White Oak Pastures in South Georgia. You definitely want to hear him—and others—speak on this subject. Organic food samples will be available, too. 650 Ponce de Leon Ave., 404-853-1681.

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